Men’s Oversized Watches: Tips For The Modern Gent.

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We’re talking men’s oversized watches today folks – there’s a lot of noise about them these days. Let’s filter it down shall we?

So…What constitutes an oversized men’s watch?

Oversized watches for men have quite a a bit of good going for them – they’re fashionable amongst other things which we will get into later. For now, the thing you probably want answered is what actually constitutes an oversized watch. Well, there are a number of factors to take into account here.

The first factor is the size of the strap. Some watches have big, chunky straps; these definitely qualify as men’s oversized watches. However, there are other factors as well.  The second of such factors is the face.

A watch might have a normal-sized or even a thin strap, but–if it has a large face–then it can still be considered as an oversized watch.

Finally, the third factor is what the size of the whole thing together is. If watch + face together reaches a certain threshold in terms of size/bulk/thickness, then you know you’ve got an oversized watch on your hands.

Okay, so what’s so great about men’s oversized watches? There are 5 reasons for this, so pay attention. This will be on the test later. (Just kidding….Or am I?!) 🙂

What makes oversized watches for men such a popular choice?

1- they’re versatile.

Oversized watches for men can be worn during a variety of different situations. For example, you can wear them when you’re at school, at work, or working out.

You can even wear them to fancy places, like when you’re out for dinner with your significant other, girl- or boyfriend.

There aren’t any limits on what you can do with an oversized watch; the only requirement is that the strap and/or face is of a certain size. Thus, you can get them in any material, cut, and colour.

2- They tally in at different price ranges.

The great thing about men’s oversized watches is that, because  of their diversity, they can be purchased for different prices.

As a result, you can buy a more expensive one for private events, and a less expensive one for everyday use at university or work–as well as one which is in the middle range, which you’ll use when you’re working out.

If you’d like to get an oversized watch, you won’t need to worry about not being able to find one; there’s one for every price range.

3- Everyone’s had one at some point.

It’s true that you might not have had a super-fancy watch, or a watch that has heart-rate monitors and lunar phase monitors. But, statistically speaking, there’s a very high chance that you’ve had an oversized watch at some point in time.

Thus, not only are they instantly recognizable, but they also appeal to most people–and, as such, you won’t have to worry about standing out from the crowd by the mere virtue of watch size alone.

If you would like to stand out from the crowd with a unique watch, that can easily be arranged with an oversized watch: you only need to get one that correctly expresses your style.

4- They have many different functions.

In the watch-making world, a watch’s functionalities–features like the aforementioned heart-rate monitors and lunar-phase calendars, in addition  to, say, stopwatch functions–are known as complications.

And when it comes to complications, oversized men’s watches often carry many of these.

Some watches have a pedometer function; others can tell you what day of the week it’ll be on April 22nd, 2021; and still others can record how long it takes you to run a mile. Whatever complication you want, oversized men’s watches can offer it to you.

5- They can be more accessible than their counterparts.

Because  of their more uncommon sizing, men’s oversized watches might be ideal for those whose wrists don’t fit into other watches.

They can also be a good choice for men whose wrist sizes fluctuate, thanks to the nature of their jobs or if, for example, they suffer from illnesses and conditions that cause their joints to swell up every so often. Thus, oversized watches can be a good way of alleviating these problems.

4 things to keep in mind when buying an oversized watch.

1- Watch out for fit & comfort.

As mentioned earlier, when talking about an oversized watch, we could be referring to the strap size or the size of the face. In relation to the strap size, make sure it fits well. There’s no point purchasing a watch that looks top notch but doesn’t fit you well enough to wear it.

You don’t want it too tight or so loose that it flaps uselessly around.

Make sure your watch will be comfortable on your skin; if not, things aren’t going to be very easy for you.

Of course, you might still end up wearing a watch which doesn’t fit well, but chances are you’ll probably try to wear it as little as possible. As we’ve said already, make sure the strap fits properly, and that the face won’t crush into your skin.

Also make sure that the material is comfortable; leather, for example, doesn’t sit right on everyone’s skin (particularly not if it’s leather that’s been badly treated). Aside from these factors, you’ll want to verify that you’re not allergic to any of the materials the watch is made out of.

2- Buy from trusted marketplaces only.

The last thing you want is to find your perfect oversized watch purchase it and then find out that you’ve been had and your watch is a fake.

There’s a HUGE fake and replica market around – you don’t want to be part of that. Always buy genuine. Here’s a great place to buy your watch. You can find really good deals here and it’s backed by a huge trustworthy brand.

Pro tip: Be sure to read the customer reviews for each watch that you are interested in. It will give you some good insight into how suitable the watch will be for your needs.

3- Is an oversized watch the right choice for you?

It might be that this is the case–but, then again, it might not. This is because oversized watches for men aren’t perfect for every environment.

For example, if you work in a cube farm or as a flight attendant, your dress code officers (aka the fun police) might tell you that your oversized watch is too oversized.

But, of course, all of that’s relating to work environments; if you’re not in a work environment, feel free to unleash your style and see what kind of amazing choices you can come up with.

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4- Think about the ethics of it.

Accessories and jewellery might be cheap nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them. Indeed, a lot of the time, these neat timepieces are made with one important, if unlisted, ingredient–child labour. Child labour, and sweatshop labour, that is.

So in other words, not only are the employees so young they can’t even reach the counters of the stores these watches will be sold in, but all the employees, both young and old, might be being forced into working in an environment where they regularly pull twelve-hour shifts cramping their hands, fingers and backs as they strive to feed their family.

Okay, so that (while all very true) was a bit intense. I probably scared ya, didn’t I? Nevertheless, the sweatshop aspect is something you definitely need to be aware of.  Buy ethical brands.

men’s oversized watches: A Great choice for many men

So you’re still wondering if a men’s oversized watch is the right choice for you? While it’s true that they might not be to everyone’s taste, in our opinion – they look pretty specacular and they would make a great addition to your watch collection.

Due to their versatility and the huge variety of styles available, there’s probably an oversized watch or two out there that will be a good fit for you. Have a look around, your new watch may just be around the corner!

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