Wardrobe Foundations: The Men’s Navy Blue Suit.

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Wondering how to get that professional look to fit right in at the office? Maybe you’re confused about what works and what doesn’t? Never fear a helping hand is here! The salvation for your wardrobe is simple. Nothing says “I mean business” better than the classic men’s navy blue suit.

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The classy look speaks for itself, showing peers that you are professional and confident in your fashion sense. The men’s navy blue suit is the perfect selection for any conference, meeting or business-oriented venture. Confidence, classiness and reliability all wrapped up in one, here is why navy blue suits are the mark of a professional gentleman.

Couple your men’s navy blue suit with the right accessories for that elegant appearance.

“Clothes make the man”. The proper selection of materials, colour combination and fit all play a part in your final outcome. Knowing and applying what works is a big part of your fashion approach.

Selecting a white shirt or a bright pink can blend wonderfully; allowing the navy blue suit to pop. Black or navy blue ties work well with these suits as well. Brown or black loafers or lace ups are your best options so choose at your leisure.

A fitted men’s navy blue suit can also bring out the casual side in you, so this can be married with some sneakers and a polo shirt to give you that relaxed yet edgy look. It’s a really great choice for those hotter summer days that are sure to show up.

Keep an eye out for these when putting your money on the navy.

So, you’re at your local tailor or preferred outlet and you know you want a navy blue suit. Beyond that, you’re lost. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to pick out the dos from the don’ts.

Choosing a good a material should be your first mission before all else. Keep in mind that for those heated days, the best materials for the temperature are cotton and linen as they are more breathable. When the days become cold the recommendation is to seek men’s navy blue suits made from blends of cashmere and wool to keep you on the warm.

Stay away from suits made from polyester- they do you no favors.

The Navy’s when and ‘wears’.

Order in the courtroom

Navy-blue suits do well in court. Whether you’re a member of the jury or the prosecutor, the navy-blue suit with always be a smart fit.

Take me to Church 

When you think of navy-blue suits the phrase “Sunday best” comes to mind.

Business ‘Meating’

The perfect mix of business and pleasure. Company luncheons are not uncommon and your buddy the navy-suit has your back, literally.

Wrapping it up.

Its pretty clear that men’s navy blue suits play a major role in the fashion world. Navy blue is like the bread and butter of suits. Knowing how to pair your accessories efficiently as well as knowing what to look out for when you need to make a purchase is essential. Making the navy blue suit a member of the family is always the right choice.

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