White Watches for Men: What You Need to Know.

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We’re talking white watches today folks! There’s something quite fascinating and modern about seeing a man wear a white watch. Not only does it make him look fashionable and cultured, but there’s something unique about it, too.

After all, it’s not every day you see men taking a step out of conservativeness (depending on the circles you run in of course)—and it’s certainly not every day that you see a man wearing a smooth, stylish white men’s watch in his everyday life.

Are you curious about white watches? We don’t blame you; such watches have only become more popular in recent times. Whether they’ll withstand the test of time – is yet to be seen. It might be that, twenty years from now, the international men’s fashion community declares men’s white watches a fraud.

Nevertheless, they’re popular now, so buying one might be the right choice for you. But before we get into whether or not that’s the case, we should probably take a moment to discuss why white men’s watches are so popular today.

Why white watches are so popular


So what’s the down-low on white men’s watches? What’s so great about them? Well, for one thing, white watches are quite versatile. For example, while you can easily wear one to work, you can also successfully wear one the next time you go work out, whether it’s outdoors or at the gym.

White watches maintain a look that’s “sporty, yet sophisticated” as the retail store Macy’s puts it. They’re appropriate for casual wear, too. In fact, they look especially good when worn during the summer, such as to the beach. Thus, they’re ideal for vacations and trips.

This versatility is further compounded by the fact that white watches come in a variety of materials, like leather, silicone, plastic, and high-tech ceramic. As a result, it’s easy to combine them with different styles. You can wear a watch with a leather strap for a fundraising gala, and then switch over to a silicon strap for everyday work usage.

7 tips on what to look for when choosing a white watch

It might be that—after having seen watches in shades of eggshell, beige, ivory, pearl, and ghost white—you yourself are thinking of purchasing a white watch. Well, if you plan on doing so, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

1- Look for a watch that you can wear often.

Unless you’ve got money to burn, it doesn’t really make sense to purchase a watch you won’t wear often. “Often,” of course, is relative—if you only wear watches to weddings, but go to weddings with it for several years, then it’s still worth it. Naturally, wearing a watch every single day is a good option for many folks.

But the one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll wear it out before you eventually decide to part ways with it. Purchasing watches you won’t wear is not only wasteful and expensive, but it’s also not environmentally friendly.

2- Is the watch a good deal for the price?

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that’s ultimately not worth it, do you? Check this place out – you can find some really good deals (sometimes over 70% off) on watches here, and quality watches at that.  Be sure to read the customer reviews section before you get to purchasing a watch you are interested in.

Were purchasers satisfied with the watch? Did they find that it was a decent watch, but that it was overpriced? Was the quality alright? Take note of what they said, and look into any alternate watches they suggest.

3- What will you be wearing the watch for?

Tissot Analog White Watch

If you’re planning on wearing your men’s white watch for charity events and work at the office, then a timepiece with a leather strap might be a good idea. However, leather straps are not all that well suited to exercising, running or biking. In contrast, a strap made of silicon, plastic, or high-tech ceramic might be a better choice.

4- Do you prefer a digital watch or an analog watch?

Analog watches tend to have fewer features than their digital counterparts, with are often brimming with useful utilities—things like calendars, heart rate counters, timer and stopwatch functions, calculator functions, and (more recently) even the ability to take notes or access the Internet.

Casio G-Shock

However, such features aren’t always necessary; many people like to use their watches just to tell the time, after all. In contrast, a digital watch might be a better choice for someone who exercises a lot, and wants to see the metrics of their workouts (heart rate and so forth), or who likes to time themselves.

5- Is there a warranty attached? If so, what are the terms?


It might not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking to buy a watch, but what’s offered in the warranty is definitely something you need to think about. A poor warranty—or no warranty at all—might not bother you too much if you didn’t pay much for your watch.

But if you paid a lot for it, then this might not be so acceptable. And on that note, is the watch likely to break, requiring you to use the guarantee in the first place? As we’ve suggested earlier, consult the customer reviews section to see what others are saying.

6- Is the watch genuine?

White watches for men can often be purchased cheaply from websites online—but be weary about  where you make your purchases from. You know the old adage – “If it’s too god to be true, it often is!” and this applies to watches quite aptly.

With the number of fake or replica watches on the market and the ease of sale the Internet has created, selling counterfeit watches has become big business for a large number of folk and you don’t want to get caught up in it unsuspectingly. For this reason, you need to protect yourself as a buyer by purchasing from reputable places only.

7- Is it comfortable?


This might be one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to buying white watches for men but is often overlooked since people are often more concerned with how the watch looks instead. Why would you consider purchasing a watch that didn’t fit right, and which causes you discomfort to wear?

If it’s a watch you plan on adorning quite regularly, the importance of this point is only compounded. Also, you’ll likely be spending a decent amount of money to purchase a quality watch so make sure you get your money’s worth and pick one that feels great on your wrist.

3 tips on pairing white watches with outfits

1- Use them to contrast with dark colors.

White watches for men are a great choice for those who are interested in fashion; they can be used to add a pop of color to your outfit. As such, they “clash” well with clothing in darker colors, like black or red. If you find that your outfit is mostly of a darker color, a white watch can make it look less drab.

You can add funk to your look without having to worry about being too flashy. With a splash of white, you might even have a few compliments on the cards. Furthermore, a watch with tones of gold or silver can class up your outfit, as can a white men’s watch whose bezel is in a darker color.

2- Use them to complement lighter outfits.

It’s not very often that you typically wear an an outfit that’s completely white. But you can complement other outfits in lighter tones with a men’s white watch that’s multichromatic (as opposed to just white).

Tommy Hilfiger Sports Watch

Silver tones can match with silver cuff links, buttons, and necklaces, while hints of mother of pearl will match well with your gray points and pale blue polos. As for diamond accents, these are appropriate for white shirt/dark pants combinations.

3- Watch out for the face.

Because the straps of white watches render their faces more noticeable than those of other colors, you’ll want to make sure that the face jives with the rest of the watch (and the rest of your style as well). Thus, if, for instance, your watch has a rectangular face, then it will properly complement accessories of rectangular design—accessories like square neckties and rectangular cuff links.

On the other hand, round watch faces are more suited to circular accessories, like round buttons, chain necklaces, and newsboy hats.

Wrapping it up!

Whichever kind of white watch you choose, one thing remains true: the white watch looks modern, regardless of why you’re wearing it. It’s a great way to ensure that your outfit is in keeping with the times—all the while making sure, as always, that you look great.

Think about adding one of the many men’s white watches available to your accessory arsenal. After all, no matter what you’re doing—whether it’s working, working out, or simply just checking the time—a white watch provides the perfect compliment!

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