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How To Pose Better For Photos: Handy Hints!

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Today folks, we’ve got a contribution from our dear friend Chris Keaton. The floor is yours Chris!


A gentleman knows how to pose better for photos.

We’ve all seen them.  Those photo faux pas that last long after we are gone.  No one knowingly wants to have a bad photograph taken so here are some tips to help prevent that from happening to you.

Better Photos: Suits, Bow ties & Neck ties.

If you’re wearing a bow tie you certainly want to make sure it is tight on the collar and straightNothing worse than a crooked bow tie. And of course, please make certain it is tied correctly.

If you’re wearing a less formal (but still suitable for the occasion) neck tie, please be sure it is tight around the collar and seated correctly centered on your neck. And, of course, be sure it is hanging straight with the perfect dimple directly below the knot.

Avoid the creeping collar.  Check to make sure your collar is inside the lapels of your jacket and one wing is not flying outside your jacket.

Posture, Posture, Posture.

When the photographer is ready to snap remember these last minute tips.  If the shot is to feature you facing the camera full on, keep your arms and hands hanging comfortably and naturally to your side.  If you clasp your hands together in front several bad things can happen.

When doing so, one naturally allows his shoulders to round and it creates the impression and posture of a slouch. It also makes your shoulders look soft and round instead of a strong, natural posture. And no one wants to be remembered as soft or a slouch!

For the absolute best pose, take the advice of Hollywood insiders who suggest you pull your shoulders back to exhibit perfect posture, place one hand naturally in the pocket of your trousers (being sure the jacket covers it) and lean slightly away from the camera. This tends to give you an air of self confidence, poise and just the right air of nonchalance.

“Ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille!”

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