Men’s Fashion Underwear: Let’s Talk.

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G’day all – today we’re talking about, underwear…not always the most glamorous conversation or the first one you’d think to discuss but an important one nonetheless! Sit tight and let’s get going! 🙂

Men’s fashion underwear: What constitutes the “fashion” in fashion underwear?

When you think of the word “underwear,” you’re probably not thinking of haute couturelet’s be honest. Instead, you’re probably thinking of, well, to put it tactfully, those things you wear underneath your pants, like boxers or briefs. Despite your perception, however, fashion underwear is a very real thing.

This term refers to the practice of wearing underwear for fashion and style, rather than just purely for functional purposes. Guys wear these pieces because they like the way they look and feel. They can also be good for fun times with the spouse or partner (nudge…nudge ;)).

So, why are these underwear considered “fashionable”? Well, simply put, it is influenced by public perception of that particular brand of underwear.


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If you decide to chuck on a pair of Calvin Klein underwear for example, because you like the way it looks (even if it’s just a plain black pair) and the branding kudos you feel it would earn you, then you my friend are subscribing to the “fashion” in men’s fashion underwear.

It must be said though that in many cases, the quality of the material used in fashion underwear is actually really good. They are often VERY comfortable to have on and this added to the brand factor on offer, really creates some super undies that keep the modern gent both looking and feeling great!

7 things to keep in mind when purchasing men’s fashion underwear

Are you considering buying new underwear? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when you head out on your underwear buying expedition!

1- Make sure they’re not ultra tight.

Never mind pain, itchiness and rashes: underwear that’s too tight can actually lower your sperm count—and lowered sperm counts are one of the major causes of infertility in men. To counter this, consider wearing loose clothing with boxer shorts. And on the same page, try not to over-wear briefs if you don’t need to—wearing briefs for very long periods of time causes the testes to overheat, which reduces sperm count.

2- Are they comfortable?

Your men’s fashion underwear must be comfortable, given that you’re sitting and standing in them all day. You should be able to manoeuvre them on and off with ease and run, throw things, and lift weights without feeling any pressure in that area.

You should also make sure that your elastic is pleasant on your skin; if it’s too tight, it can dig into your stomach, waist and hips. If the elastic is too loose, you’ll feel your underwear moving around on your body while you’re trying to do other things….not a great feeling!

3- Decide whether you want boxers or briefs.

With briefs, you’ll look more structured and supported in your lower area, which can be effective when you want to look presentable, as you don’t need to worry about the contour of your “junk” slipping out into the open. Briefs tend to have tighter waistbands as well, which also contributes to the support they offer.

Boxers on the other hand, can provide more freedom of movement.

4- Make sure they’re the right size.

Don’t kid yourself by telling yourself you’ll be able to fit into smaller underwear as you lose weight…buy for the present and re-buy as you hit your weight goals – it’ll save you the discomfort in the interim. The right size of underwear is also more comfortable, and it won’t constrict you when you’re moving, allowing your skin to breathe more easily.

5- Get different underwear for different purposes.

You probably shouldn’t be wearing your regular underwear for gym use—their shape and the material may not be suited to high intensity activity.

You should consider buying different pairs for different purposes: a few for the gym, some for work, and maybe even some for home use. Then—to paraphrase the Boy Scouts, you’ll always be prepared.

6- Aim for a few pairs of underwear in dark colours.

Dark underpants—e.g., those that are dark gray, black and navy blue—go well with a variety of different colours and outfits. This way, if they happen to peek out from under your garments on occasion, you’ll be alright!

7- But don’t forget to have fun with your underpants.

These are fashion underwear, after all, so they should look fashionable! Go for cool designs, stylish waistbands, and high-quality fabrics like silk. You can mix it up a notch by getting underpants with cool colours or fancy patterns (or even mixed patterns). The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect men’s fashion underwear.

As with anything else in your wardrobe, make sure you stick with pieces that fit in with your own personal style.

Fashion Underwear for men: 7 things you can do to care for your underwear


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Okay, so obviously you already change your underwear every day. (You do, right? … Right?!) But—although you might not have realized this—there are actually several other things you could do to take care of these undergarments so they last longer.

1- Avoid machine washing them if you’re not sure what they’re made of.

Machine washing your clothes,  isn’t always the brightest idea—they can develop strange shapes, become too large, or even get banged up inside the washer. You can only imagine how much worse this is for your underwear, which—after all—are rubbing up between your legs all day. So, read the labels properly after purchasing underwear.

If the garments are made of polyester, nylon, cotton, silk, or blends thereof, then you should probably hesitate over washing them in your simple machine. Instead, clean them by hand in cold water. During the rinsing phase, feel free to add white vinegar; it’ll help you get rid of the soap residue that’s left over.

2- Avoid drying them with a hot dryer.

Dryers can get very hot—which, as you know, can sometimes tend to make fabric baggier, as well as loosen up elastic waistbands. Instead, clean them with an air dryer; this will ensure that they retain their shape. Using a hot dryer can also cause friction when the fabric rubs against itself; the result is that your underwear could become discoloured and rougher than before.

A further note regarding drying is that you shouldn’t dry them in direct sunlight, since UVA and UVB rays will damage the fabric. If you’d like to still dry them outside, you can ensure that the clothesline is located in a shady area, so that they can get dry without being fully exposed to the light.

3- Fold them properly.

Before you put your drawers in your drawer (pun fully intended there), be sure to fold them neatly. This will help them keep their shape while lessening the incidence of wrinkles.

4- Replace them often.

So, how often you should change your underwear? Hmm? Take a guess...go on, guess! Okay, so I sound chipper, but seriously: replace your underwear every 6 to 9 months. Depending on several factors—such as whether or not they have an elastic band, the fabric they’re made from, and where you work and socialize—they might not last that long, so change them accordingly.

For instance, if the elastic is starting to go, then that’s a good time for change. And remember: you don’t need to buy the same brand every time.

If you feel like a pair hasn’t worked for you, don’t be shy to experiment with a new pair.

5- Turn them inside out when you’re washing them.

Turning underpants inside out before laundry time lessens wear and tear and makes deep cleaning easier.

6- Don’t use bleach or fabric softener.

These substances can have destructive effects on microfiber fabrics that are composed of nylon and polyester. They ruin the knit in addition to spreading residue on your delicates; and bleach, in particular, can also make certain fabrics weaker as time goes on.

You can use these substances on cotton underwear, although try not to go overboard.

7- Put them where they belong when you’re not wearing them.

Once you’ve folded them, place your undies carefully into your drawer or dresser. This will further help them maintain their shape. It should be a closet that you open often, to avoid them accumulating dust.

And there you have it, our tips on how you can care for your man-huggers!


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Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging! if you’re looking for a good place to purchase some undies, here’s a spot we’d recommend. You can pick up some great deals on high quality brands. Be sure to read through the reviews section for each item before you make your purchases. 🙂

Men’s fashion underwear: mostly hidden, but not forgotten.

Although we don’t always think about it, underwear is an incredibly important part of everyday wear. They protect your clothes from being damaged, reduce the friction clothes cause when rubbing up against your skin, and even protect you from the cold.

And because they’re so important, you definitely should make sure that your men’s fashion underwear are pleasant, comfortable, and yes—stylish.

Thoughts or comments? Let us know in the comments section below!

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