Big watches or small watches? That is the question!

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With so many styles of watches on the market today, you may have noticed that big watches seem to be a bit more popular than the slimmer ones, not counting the new-ish fitness bands that are all over the place these days.  It’s only been in about the last decade or so that watches have become increasingly larger in the fashion world.  That also goes for women’s watches, too.  For many years, watches that fall at around the 30mm range have typically been seen as more feminine, often accompanying a slimmer wrist band.

Nowadays, men’s watches are dominated by large, 40mm+ styles, with lots of masculine steels and crystalline designs.  Women’s watches haven’t changed as drastically, but it is much more common to see a woman wearing a watch that would have otherwise been mistaken for a men’s watch.  This challenging of the status quo is seen throughout the fashion industry.  Expression of self is about breaking away from what the majority thinks and deviations from what everyone else is doing is now encouraged a lot more.

Making Big Moves

Besides, big watches are typically more comfortable and more practical anyways.  If you need a quick glance at the time, you don’t want to have squint your eyes just to figure out if the minute hand is on the 10 or the 15.  You shouldn’t have to use your imagination to figure out what some little notches represent.  There are some bad (and we mean REALLY bad) watch designs out there, which sacrifice all utility for minimalist art.

A big watch allows for more creative designs, and, of course, more opportunity to show-off how the watch compliments your look.  That’s not to say smaller watches can’t do the same – they do! But they offer a different approach to fashion, a more subtle statement, which is a good thing to have in any wardrobe as well.  It’s good to have a good balance and flexibility when choosing what to wear for the day or evening.

It doesn’t look like big watches are going away anytime soon, they’ve already outlasted what could be considered a fad.  That’s the best part about getting a nice watch as a fashion accessory; they don’t go out of style and, if they are a respected brand, will last for a long time, becoming a part of your identity and a reliable companion throughout all your fashion ebbs and flows.

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